Thutmose III (Part 2): the New Empire 1473 to 1470 BCE. Victorious on the field, Thutmose began organizing his domains in Canaan. The area was transformed, as a network of Egyptian garrisons, forts and supply depots began to appear. This was all in service to much greater plans... Direct Download (Save As mp3) Bibliography: Anthony [...]

Exciting things are happening in the Netherlands right now, specifically at the National Museum of Antiquities. New projects are underway, new exhibitions are on, and all kinds of awesome research is being undertaken to uncover new secrets! Queens of the Nile & New Egyptian Galleries The Museum is hosting a new exhibit, "Queens of the [...]

Interlude: A Dramatic Reading 1473 BCE. With the help of some fellow podcasters, the story of Thutmose's Megiddo Campaign comes to life. The result is a dramatic performance of Thutmose's epic account, as it was written on the walls of Karnak Temple! Direct Download (Save As mp3) Readings provided by: Elias Belhaddad (The History of Islam) [...]

Thutmose III (Part 1): Megiddo. 1473 BCE. Not long after taking sole power, Thutmose III experienced a dangerous challenge to his rule. Enemies in Canaan had gathered: the King must destroy them, or risk losing his empire... Battle, audacity, and Monty Python ensues! Direct Download (Save As mp3) Megiddo today (Google Sites) The Battle in [...]

The University of Oxford, under the leadership of Professor Richard B. Parkinson is producing a new series of podcasts relating to ancient Egypt. They take the academic angle, so you get to listen to some world-class scholarship! Access the episodes here! -- The Tale of Sinuhe (Reading): -- "The Queen Shrieks" - a lecture by [...]