Happy Halloween! We explore some ghostly visitations; one man's attempt to gain the help of a long-dead spirit; some scoundrels scared straight by their encounters with the divine, and the Egyptian Guide to When Your Dreams Are Trying to Kill You. Join us for some horror stories, Egyptian style! Direct Download (Save As mp3) Bibliography: [...]

Hatshepsut (Part VII): The End of Days 1473 BCE. After a long life, and an accomplished reign, Maat-ka-Re Hatshepsut died in regnal year 22. We thank some of those who made her reign possible, explore her legacy, and touch on the strange situation of her tomb. Do we have her mummy? We explore that, too. Direct [...]

Interlude: The Youth of Thutmose III 1495 - 1475 BCE. Thutmose III spent his youth in training: training for rituals and prayers, for governance and learning, and for military arts and warfare. He learned the arts of politics and government in the harem, which we explore for the first time. He also spent a great deal of [...]