Episode 65: Hatshepsut of Millions of Years

Hatshepsut (Part V): Monuments and the Jubilee.


From 1485-1477, regnal years 10-17 of Hatshepsut, the Kingdom of Egypt is in a flurry of building work. Monuments are going up all over Egypt, requiring the work of thousands.

These projects culminate in the year 16 sed-festival, Hatshepsut’s grand jubilee: an anniversary….but of what?

Additional vocals provided by Anya Banerjee (Actress).


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A sphinx of Hatshepsut (Hayes, vol II).

Hatshepsut’s Red Chapel, reconstructed (Thebes-Louxour.net).

Scarabs of Hatshepsut (Hayes, vol II).

Thutmose III from Hatshepsut’s Punt Reliefs (Hayes, vol II).

Hathor, from Hatshepsut’s jubilee reliefs (flickr).

Amun, Lord of Thebes, from Djeser Djeseru at Deir el-Bahari (Hayes, vol II).

Hatshepsut in the Double Crown of Lower (Red) and Upper (White) Egypt (Hayes, vol II).

Hatshepsut in the White Crown of Upper Egypt (Hayes, vol II).

Statues of Hatshepsut in votive offering pose (Hayes, vol II).



Kara Cooney, The Woman Who Would be King, 2014.

Peter Dorman, The Monuments of Senenmut, 1988.

Alan B. Lloyd, A Companion to Ancient Egypt, 2010.

William Hayes, The Scepter of Egypt, volume II, 1978 (Book Online).

Aaron Shackell-Smith, Hatshepsut: Four Investigations, 2012 (PhD Thesis Online).

Todd Gillen, The Historical Inscription on Queen Hatshepsut’s Chapelle Rouge, 2005 (Article Online).



UCL – Hatshepsut

UCLA – Digital Karnak, time of Hatshepsut

Maat-ka-ra.de – the Speos Artemidos

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