Interlude: Hatshepsut's Writings. A short break from the narrative history, as we dive deep into the texts of Hatshepsut's Punt Expedition, and the historical narrative from her temple in Middle Egypt, the Speos Artemidos. Direct Download (Save As mp3) Punt (Naville) Punt (Naville) The great ships (Naville). The trees of Punt (Naville) Soldiers in Punt [...]

Hatshepsut (Part V): Monuments and the Jubilee. 1485-1477. In regnal years 10-17, Hatshepsut directed a flurry of building work. Monuments were going up all over Egypt, requiring the work of thousands. These projects culminated in the year 16 sed-festival, Hatshepsut's grand jubilee: an anniversary....but of what? Additional vocals provided by Anya Banerjee (Actress). Direct Download (Save [...]