Save As mp3 Hatshepsut (Part III): The Punt Expedition In 1488-1487 BCE, Egypt's reigning Queen-King Maat-ka-Re Hatshepsut launches her most famous project. Returning to the glory days of previous kings, she funds an expedition south, down the Red Sea coast, to the wonderful land of Punt. We journey to Punt, meet the locals, and see how it all [...]

Regnal Year 7 of Thutmose III & Maat-ka-Re Hatshepsut (1488 BCE)   In 1488 BCE Hatshepsut makes some of her most daring moves. She takes the throne, becoming the second of Egypt's currently reigning kings. To solidify her old on power, Hatshepsut leads a short campaign to Nubia, and then begins work on a magnificent building project. We [...]