Mini-Episode: Dancers for God


Dancing the Magic Dance

In a short break from our narrative, we meet some Egyptian entertainers. The lifestyles of the ancients involved many kinds of festivities: whether it was dancing for a noble hostess, leaping over bulls, or just getting roaring drunk at a religious festival, the Egyptians did it all!

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The tomb of an anonymous noblewoman, Thebes.

Too good not to share: Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson.

Bull-leapers from Avaris, in the style of the Cretan Minoans.

Bull-leapers, from Crete.

A Near-Eastern ring, depicting bull-leapers.

Egyptian wrestling, from Beni Hassan.

The feast of Neb-Amun, at Thebes.

Neb-Amun at the hunt: fowling in the marshes.


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