Mini-Episode: Dancers for God

Dance the Magic Dance!

In a short break from our narrative, we meet three sets of ancient entertainers. From Thebes to Avaris, the lifestyles of the ancients involved many kinds of festivity. Whether it was dancing for a hostess or god, leaping over charging bulls, or just getting roaring drunk, the Egyptians did it all!

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 The tomb of an anonymous noble-woman, Thebes.

 Calvin and Hobbes, by Bill Watterson.

 Bull-leapers, Minoan-Cretan style, from Avaris.

 Bull-leapers from Minoan Crete.

 Bull-leapers on a Near-Eastern ring.

Egyptian wrestlers, Beni Hassan.

 The feast of Neb-Amun, Thebes.

Neb-Amun at the hunt, fowling in the marshes.


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