Thutmose I Strikes Back: Genocide, Family Matters, and the Valley of the Kings. Family, exploration and tomb-building dominated Thutmose's first few years. He took great care for his five children, bringing on a special tutor for the princes, Paheri. This man, grand-son of Ahmose Ibana represented the culmination of three generations of family fortunes. Thutmose launches a new [...]

The Tomb of King Tut; a Temple of Hatshepsut; a Temple of Nectanebo. Welcome to a new feature of the podcast, in which we round up recent discoveries and discussions in the field of Egyptology. Direct Download (Save As mp3)   Tut'ankhamun Conference - Cairo   Nectanebo I - Heliopolis

  Dancing the Magic Dance In a short break from our narrative, we meet some Egyptian entertainers. The lifestyles of the ancients involved many kinds of festivities: whether it was dancing for a noble hostess, leaping over bulls, or just getting roaring drunk at a religious festival, the Egyptians did it all! Direct Download (Save [...]