Thutmose I Strikes Back: Genocide, Family Matters, and the Valley of the Kings. Family, exploration and tomb-building dominated Thutmose's first few years. He took great care for his five children, bringing on a special tutor for the princes, Paheri. This man, grand-son of Ahmose Ibana represented the culmination of three generations of family fortunes. Thutmose launches a new [...]

The Tomb of King Tut; a Temple of Hatshepsut; a Temple of Nectanebo. Welcome to a new feature of the podcast, "News from the Field," in which we round up the latest and most exciting news from Egyptology and Archaeology. Direct Download (Save As mp3) This episode, specialists are meeting to discuss the tomb of [...]

Dance the Magic Dance! In a short break from our narrative, we meet three sets of ancient entertainers. From Thebes to Avaris, the lifestyles of the ancients involved many kinds of festivity. Whether it was dancing for a hostess or god, leaping over charging bulls, or just getting roaring drunk, the Egyptians did it all! [...]