Episode 51: Everywhere and Nowhere


Invisible Kings in Dynasty XIII

The 13th Dynasty begins in 1786 BCE, with the reign of Sobek-Hotep I. This king, like the fifty who follow him, is nearly invisible in the archaeological record.


We meet Sobek-Hotep and his successors, the great crocodile god Sobek after whom the king named himself, and visit with an excellent philosophical tale, the Tale of the Eloquent Peasant.

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The smiling face of King Amenemhat V, one of the fifty short-lived kings of Dynasty XIII (Image: Wikipedia).

The crocodile god Sobek, in his human-bodied form (Image: Ashmolean Museum, Oxford University).

Sobek on the walls of Kom Ombo, a temple of the Greek-Roman period (Image: Wilkinson, 2003).


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