Episode 48: End of an Era

Amenemhat III.

Ny-ma’at-Re Amenemhat III is the last all-powerful ruler of Dynasty 12. In his 46 years of rule (1845-1798 BCE) there are notable expeditions and settlements in the Sinai, monumental construction projects in Dahshur, Hawara and Biahmu. Wealth and power belong to the king. But all is not well within the kingdom…

Art and Monuments of Amenemhat III

Unless otherwise noted, all images are Wikimedia submissions

DintelAmenemhatIII-2_(45475761964) (1)
Cartouche of Amenemhat III (wikimedia). Edited for increased contrast. See original here.
The “Black Pyramid” of Amenemhat III at Dashur, Egypt. Photo by Mohamed Abdelzaher (via wikimedia).
Pedestals at Biahmu at the time of Lepsius’ expedition, attributed to colossal statues of Amenemhat III (wikimedia).
Pedestals at Biahmu today, attributed to colossal statues of Amenemhat III (wikimedia).
D12-A3 sphinx (5)b
A sphinx of Amenemhat III, later reused (and inscribed) with cartouches of Hyksos and Ramessid kings (Cairo Museum, photo Dominic Perry)



The Black Pyramid of Amenemhat III (wikimedia).



Pectoral of Mereret
A pectoral depicting Amenemhat III (Ny-ma’at-Re) smiting people of “all foreign lands,” beneath the wings of Nekhbet. Photo, wikimedia submission.
A scarab of Amenemhat III showing the king wrangling a hippopotamus (Met Museum).
Top of scarab of Amenemhat III showing the king wrangling a hippopotamus (Met Museum).

Serabit el-Khadim

All images wikimedia.

Note: excavated temple includes monuments of New Kingdom and later.



Inscriptions of Amenemhat III (Ny-ma’at-Re) before Hathor.




Classic “frontal Hathor head.”




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Chris Kirby‘s Reconstruction of Biahmu. Youtube.

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  1. Simin says:

    Hi Dominic,

    Late listener here and really enjoyed the show. I wanted to check out the pictures related to the episodes and noticed all the images for this episode is gone. Is it possible to have them back? Thank you!

    1. DominicPerry says:

      Hi Simm,
      Dang. Looks like they are gone for now, unfortunately. The website is due for an upgrade so hopefully I can replace the images in future.

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