Episode 47: Strong Ruler(s)

Senuseret III (Part V): Bean Counters, Surveyors and Gossips

From 1865-45 BCE Egypt is quiet. Senuseret III comes to the end of his reign in either regnal year 19, or regnal year 35(ish). The throne soon passes to his son, but things get a bit…complicated first.

We meet Heqa-nakht, a rural landlord who left us with a magnificent insight into his personal and business life.

We also meet Neferu-Ptah, easily the most enigmatic woman of the Twelfth Dynasty, and the Middle Kingdom as a whole.

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Amenemhat III (Source: Wikipedia and the Neues Museum, Berlin).

The pectoral of Neferu-Ptah (Source: Touregypt.net).

Medinet Maadi under excavation (Source: Medinet Maadi Tourism/Excavation Website).

One of the letters written by Heqa-nakht. Written in hieratic, a cursive script of hieroglyphics (Source: the Metropolitan Museum of Art).


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