Episode 46: Crushing Our Enemies


Senuseret III (Part IV): Fortifying Our Borders, Destroying Our Foes

1864 BCE, regnal year 16 of Kha-kau-Re Senuseret III. The king launches another campaign into Nubia, which sees the border set at the southern community of Semna.

He commissions new fortresses at Uronarti, and improves upon those at Mirgassa and Askut, which fill important functions in their region.

Plunder, trade, captives and territory all flow into Egypt’s hands. How did the foreigners deal with this, and what was their relationship with their new overlords?

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A view of the Second Cataract, seen from Uronarti Island (Source: Boston MFA).

Uronarti imagined today (Source: Vogel, 2010).

The fortress at Uronarti (Source: Welsby, 2004).


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