Episode 43: Dominion Over All

Senuseret III (Part II): Society and Death.

The power of King Kha-kau-Re Senuseret III is absolute and the wealthy elite are responding accordingly. Abandoning the recent trend of building tombs in their hometowns, many officials are once again placing their tombs in the royal cemeteries, particularly at al-Lahun near the Faiyum Oasis.

The king leads a short war southward, into Nubia (year 8, c.1872 BCE), and continues to make notable contributions to the cult of Osiris.

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The primary locations of this episode (click image for higher-resolution).

Kha-kau-Re Senuseret III: patron of the court, builder of monuments, authoritarian tyrant? (The British Museum).

Travertine vessels, discovered at Haraga, and nearly sold at auction in 2014 (Source: the History Blog).

Cowrie shells worked into pendants, from Haraga (Source: the History Blog).

Silver and precious stone pendants and pectorals – note the Bee (far right, middle row) – one of the few three-dimensional jewellery pieces from ancient Egypt (Source: the History Blog).

Senuseret and Sat-Sobek (Source: Illin-Tomich, 2011).

Meket and Deju (Source: Illin-Tomich, 2011).

Her-mer-nekhet and Iu-seni (Source: Illin-Tomich, 2011).

Dedet and Nefret (Source: Ilin-Tomich, 2011).

Senwosret son of Dedu, and Sat-Hathor (Source: Ilin-Tomich, 2011).

The funerary stela of Heqa-ib, from Abydos (Source: The British Museum).

Part of the funerary stela of Inpy, showing the Wedjat eye at lower-right (Source: UCL).

The funeral stela of Ikher-nefret from Abydos (Wikipedia).

A greywacke statue of Intef-Iqer, from Lahun (Source: UCL).


Janet Richards, Society and Death in Ancient Egypt: Mortuary Landscapes of the Middle Kingdom, 2005 (Google Books Preview).

The History Blog, “Met Saves Treasures of Harageh from Auction Sale,” 2014 (Blog post). Original Auction.

A. Illin-Tomich, “A Twelfth Dynasty Stela Workshop Possibly from Saqqara,” Journal of Egyptian Archaeology volume 97, 2011 (Academia.edu).

Reshafim.org: “The Ikher-nefret Stela,” and “The Loyalist Instruction of Sehetepibre” and “The Teaching of a Man for his Son.”

Wolfram Grajetzki, The Middle Kingdom of Ancient Egypt, 2006.

W.K. Simpson (editor), The Literature of Ancient Egypt, 2003.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Arthur Dent says:

    G’day Dominic,

    Part of my attempts to fix my brain (TBI; no Working memory), I have been studying Religion, Politics and Ancient History; I love your Podcast on Egypt.

    The historical facts vs Biblical fantasies I have been aware of for some time, and I’ve often wondered if the coincidences of the proximity; time-wise, of the Hyksos occupation, the alleged Exodus, the name Thutmose III, as well as Akhenaten’s move to a single God, isn’t it a rather big coincidence… plagiarizing of other religions; Zoroastrians, Assyrians, Babylonians and false credibility; Reed Boat, Egyptian Prince Burning bushes, the 10 Commandments; largely ignored by his devotees, written by a God with it seems soooo many insecurity issues.

    I know the time-frame may be questionable, but then so are a lot of the dates regarding Ancient Egyptian Kings. As for the Bible’s dating system, apparently the Universe is only about 6,000 years old!

    Is it possible that the Jews in making up the their story; Old Testament were doing a bit of Cherry… Picking The Romans certainly did their share in the New Testament… for the same reasons, Control.

    Kind Regards

    Not only with a TBI, but Dyslectic as well, which according to YouTube’s ‘The Gift of Dyslexia’, is actually a plus.

    1. DominicPerry says:

      Hi Arthur,

      You are on the right track! There is a lot of debate about the possibility that the “Exodus” is based on (or inspired by) different events in the New Kingdom. There are several candidates: the Hyksos, and Akhenaten, are both included in that category.
      I’m glad you brought it up; stay tuned to upcoming episodes for some discussion on that 🙂

      1. Arthur Dent says:

        Thanks for your quick response Dominic,

        On a side note, your Podcast has for me shown a surprising sense of Humanity & Morality; given the period, of some of the Kings in the 4th, 5th & 6th Dynasties… Thank you for that, I never would have thought it.

        How’s your Roman Emperor Knowledge?

        Am I close to the truth here?

        I promise not to pester you too much; let me know if I do… no worries as we Aussies say… except of corse when we are facing ‘The All Blacks’ :-]

        The Jew Flavius Josephus; Jewish propagandist, allegedly ‘defected’ to the Roman side, and was granted Roman citizenship. He became an advisor and friend of Emperor Vespasian’s son Titus, serving as his translator when Titus led the Siege of Jerusalem, which resulted; when the Jewish revolt did not surrender, in the city’s destruction and the looting, and destruction of Herod’s Temple (Second Temple).

        Roman Emperor Vespasian (AD 69 to AD 79) founded the Flavian dynasty, perhaps Josephus used The Messiah Jewish Prophecy to make Titus (Jesus) ‘The Messiah out of Israel’; as per prophecy, since he was actually living in Israel and was son of the Pagan Emperor/God Vespasian.

        History often repeats… it is a fact that Hitler was financed by ‘Jewish’ Bankers who were not the first to turn on Jews; not all Jews are purely Semitic, for example the Ashkenazi, Sephardic and the Khazarians (800 AD), who are either not pure Semitic, or peoples who just adopted Judaism for the same reasons as Egypt’s first attempt at a Monotheistic religion under Amenhotep IV aka Akhenaten… to take back the power of the too numerous Pagan Priests.

        As with the story of Moses/Thutmose I, the dates are somewhat uncertain, as are the translations of names such as Titus and Jesus, largely because of the period but also because of the multiple languages and name variations over time, as well as a level of deliberate coverups… I think it’s worth mentioning here, that the original language of the new testament was ancient Greek; in fact, most of the Roman elite spoke Greek, and the Hebrew language was in fact based on their cousins, the ancient Canaanites language.

        I believe it was Vespasian the Roman Emperor from AD 69 to AD 79 who founded the Flavian dynasty that ruled for 27 years, his success initially was a result of a massive propaganda campaign which was initiated to justify Flavian rule as having been predetermined through divine providence, by such as Tacitus, Suetonius, Josephus and Pliny the Elder who speak suspiciously well of Vespasian, while condemning the emperors that came before him.

        It is also my belief, that the New Testament Bible was created by what became the Roman Catholic Church and a cabal of Jews; not necessarily Semitic, to control us Goys (those not of the Jewish faith or blood), with false tails such as stories of Moses, The Exodus, King Solomon ‘The Wise’ and Solomon’s Temple; which in reality most likely if true, was little more than a stone barn, whereas Solomon’s Palace would have been so great, that it must have almost bankrupted ancient Israel… but then, he had to have accommodation for his 700 wives, his 300 concubine and staff; good grief Wise Solomon?

        So it’s all about Power & Control (Money), and as we all know, ultimate power tends to corrupt… sociopathic tendencies, pedophilia and the covering up of is all in essence about psychopaths/sociopaths Power & Control… which is how they control the 3 City States (London controls Money, Washington in charge of brute force, and Rome who have tried to control religion; hard to control an illogical concept) and a huge portion of the world, either by peoples gullibility or straight out pragmatism.



        P.S. It always feels a little uncomfortable talking about Jews, since like us there all types; both good and bad… but I have no doubt that the 100 or so years that they have been in existence, the Zionists are most defiantly in the Bad list.

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