Episode 43: Dominion Over All

Senuseret III (Part II): Society and Death.

The power of King Kha-kau-Re Senuseret III is absolute and the wealthy elite are responding accordingly. Abandoning the recent trend of building tombs in their hometowns, many officials are once again placing their tombs in the royal cemeteries, particularly at al-Lahun near the Faiyum Oasis.

The king leads a short war southward, into Nubia (year 8, c.1872 BCE), and continues to make notable contributions to the cult of Osiris.

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The primary locations of this episode (click image for higher-resolution).

Kha-kau-Re Senuseret III: patron of the court, builder of monuments, authoritarian tyrant? (The British Museum).

Travertine vessels, discovered at Haraga, and nearly sold at auction in 2014 (Source: the History Blog).

Cowrie shells worked into pendants, from Haraga (Source: the History Blog).

Silver and precious stone pendants and pectorals – note the Bee (far right, middle row) – one of the few three-dimensional jewellery pieces from ancient Egypt (Source: the History Blog).

Senuseret and Sat-Sobek (Source: Illin-Tomich, 2011).

Meket and Deju (Source: Illin-Tomich, 2011).

Her-mer-nekhet and Iu-seni (Source: Illin-Tomich, 2011).

Dedet and Nefret (Source: Ilin-Tomich, 2011).

Senwosret son of Dedu, and Sat-Hathor (Source: Ilin-Tomich, 2011).

The funerary stela of Heqa-ib, from Abydos (Source: The British Museum).

Part of the funerary stela of Inpy, showing the Wedjat eye at lower-right (Source: UCL).

The funeral stela of Ikher-nefret from Abydos (Wikipedia).

A greywacke statue of Intef-Iqer, from Lahun (Source: UCL).


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