Senuseret III (Part I): The Secret Tombs. Around 1880 BCE, one of Egypt's most legendary kings takes the throne of the Two Lands:  Kha-kau-Re Senuseret III ("The Kas of Re Appear in Glory"). He initiates his 20+ year reign with an incredibly ambitious building program: two royal tombs are being built at once. At the same time, [...]

Ka-kheper-Re Senuseret II and the Faiyum Oasis In c.1892 BCE a new king is on the throne. Senuseret II, son of Nub-kau-Re, is a minor king but responsible for a very interesting project. The king moves his pyramid away from the Dahshur-Saqqara-al-Lisht region, to the oasis of the Faiyum. He inspires a generation of interest in the [...]