Episode 40: Feasting, Laughing and Dancing

Interlude: Celebrating the Divine.

In a short break from our narrative history, we visit two types of Egyptian festivals: the raucous celebrations for Hathor, and the sombre re-enactment of the Osiris Passion Play.

From beer halls to temples to cemeteries, thi episode explores Egyptian revelry. Hedonism and solemn rites get a look in, with a particular focus on humour and sexuality.

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Enjoy your end-of-year celebrations, listeners!

Osiris, lord of the underworld. Slain by Seth, re-assembled and resurrected by Isis (Source: Wikipedia).

Hathor, with Menkaure of the Fourth Dynasty (Source: Wikipedia).

The Stela of Ikher-Nefret (Source: Wikipedia).

The cemetery field west of Abydos, in which the Passion of Osiris would be performed (Source: Wikipedia).


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Additional Music by Vangelis – Alexander (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).