Episode 40: Feasting, Laughing and Dancing

Interlude: Celebrating the Divine.

In a short break from our narrative history, we visit two types of Egyptian festivals: the raucous celebrations for Hathor, and the sombre re-enactment of the Osiris Passion Play.

From beer halls to temples to cemeteries, thi episode explores Egyptian revelry. Hedonism and solemn rites get a look in, with a particular focus on humour and sexuality.

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Enjoy your end-of-year celebrations, listeners!

Osiris, lord of the underworld. Slain by Seth, re-assembled and resurrected by Isis (Source: Wikipedia).

Hathor, with Menkaure of the Fourth Dynasty (Source: Wikipedia).

The Stela of Ikher-Nefret (Source: Wikipedia).

The cemetery field west of Abydos, in which the Passion of Osiris would be performed (Source: Wikipedia).


John C. Darnell, “The Opet Festival.” UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology.

LA Times interview with Prof. Betsy M. Bryan, Johns Hopkins University.

E.F. Morris, “Sacred and Obscene Laughter in the Contendings of Horus and Seth,” in Egyptian Stories, 2007.

Plutarch, Isis and Osiris (1st Century CE).

The Ikher-nefret Stela (12th Dynasty).

Additional Music by Vangelis – Alexander (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).

5 Comments Add yours

  1. David C Mace says:

    love the series
    minor note that the download link for this episode links to a .gif file and not an .mp3

    1. DominicPerry says:

      Thanks David.

      I have corrected the error 🙂


  2. Jacob Mustoe says:

    So, this seems like the best episode to ask my very off topic question.
    Any chance you’re a fan of the ancient Egyptian themed death metal band from South Carolina called Nile?
    Hopefully you talk about the slave stick sometime. I can’t find much outside the Nile song online that connects it to actual Egyptian practice.
    Thanks for making the references to the Eye of Horus in the song clear for me
    As always you are awesome.

    1. DominicPerry says:

      Hi Jacob,
      I am aware of Nile, but confess I haven’t listened to many of their songs as their style isn’t my thing (the hardest music I listen to is on the thrash metal end of the spectrum). But I could probably look up their lyrics and give you some thoughts

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