Episode 38: Burial Rites

Nubkaure Amenmhat II (Part I).

Life is good in Egypt around 1927 BCE. Nub-kau-Re Amenmhat II is blessed with peace and a long reign, and he is capable to boot.

The king’s pyramid complex at Dahshur is the source of an incredibly rare find: the intact burials of Princess Ita and Queen Khnum-et. Their gorgeous jewelry is among the finest ever discovered in Egypt, true masterpieces of the art.

The king also dispatches expeditionary fleets to the Levant (Palestine and Syria), where items bearing his name have been discovered as far afield as Ugarit.

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nubkaureThe territories of the episode, and the extent of Nub-kau-Re’s influence.

The annals of Nub-kau-Re (Source: Brown University).

The collar of Queen Khnum-et (Source: Flickr user Ancient Egyptian Jewellery).

The diadem (crown) of Queen Khnum-et, daughter of Nub-kau-Re and wife of Senuseret II (Episode 41) (Source: Flickr user Ancient Egyptian Jewellery).

The dagger of Princess Ita, discovered by Jacques de Morgan (Image source: The New York Times, 1899).

Illegal diggings and the expanding cemetery near the king’s pyramid (bottom left).


Jacques de Morgan, Fouilles a Dachour 1894-1895, 1903 (Free Download).

The New York Times, 1899 – Jacques de Morgan speaks to the American Archaeological and Numismatic Society on his discovery.

Reshafim.org – the Biography of Khnumhotep II, of Beni Hassan (Menat Khufu).

Wolfram Grajetzki, The Middle Kingdom of Ancient Egypt, 2006.

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