Interlude: Celebrating the Divine In a short break from our narrative history, we visit two types of Egyptian festivals: the raucous celebrations for Hathor, and the sombre re-enactment of the Osiris Passion Play. From beer halls to temples to cemeteries, thi episode explores Egyptian revelry. Hedonism and solemn rites get a look in, with a particular focus on humour [...]

Nub-kau-Re Amenemhat II (Part 2). (1927 - 1910 BCE) In the early years of his reign King Amenemhat II launches expeditions to lands outside Egypt. Trade missions to and from the Levant (Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine) bring wealth and exotic goods into Egypt. Treasures even come from southern Turkey and the Aegean Sea, finding their way into the temples being [...]

Nubkaure Amenmhat II (Part I): Wealth, Trade and Treasure Life is good in Egypt c.1927 BCE. As the third ruler of Dynasty XII to enjoy a long life, and peace in the realm, Nub-kau-Re Amenmhat II is truly blessed, and capable to boot. The king's pyramid complex at Dahshur is the source of an incredibly rare [...]