Episode 37: Imperial Projects

Senuseret I (Part IV): Nubian Gold.

Senuseret I is in need of funding. With so many monuments under construction, he needs resources, and fast. The king sends out his warriors, to obtain gold from many different sources…

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Lower and Upper Nubia, showing the Wadi Halfa and Second Cataract (2) Elephantine/Aswan (Source: Wikipedia).


Fortresses built in Nubia (Source: Brown University).


Navigating the cataracts.


Wolfram Grajetzki, The Middle Kingdom of Ancient Egypt2006. 

Henriette Hafsas-Talkos,  “Between Kush and Egypt: the C-Group People of Lower Nubia,” in Between the Cataracts: Proceedings of the 11th International Conference for Nubian Studies, 2006.

Tourist blog in Sudan.

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