Episode 37: Imperial Projects


Senuseret I (Part IV): the Gold of Nubia

Gold! The driver of empires and warfare since time immemorial. For the Egyptians, gold is a valuable decorative resource, used to embellish temples, statues and crowns. For Kheper-ka-Re Senuseret I, this is a much needed commodity if he is to successfully complete his many building projects (Episode 36).

Senuseret’s soldiers plunge into Nubia, the Eastern Desert and the Sinai Penninsula to acquire the precious resources needed for the king’s monumental works…

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Lower and Upper Nubia, showing the Wadi Halfa and Second Cataract (2) Elephantine/Aswan (Source: Wikipedia).


Fortresses built in Nubia (Source: Brown University).


Navigating the cataracts.


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