Episode 37: Imperial Projects

Senuseret I (Part IV): Nubian Gold. Senuseret I is in need of funding. With so many monuments under construction, he needs resources, and fast. The king sends out his warriors, to obtain gold from many different sources… Direct Download (Save As mp3) Lower and Upper Nubia, showing the Wadi Halfa and Second Cataract (2) Elephantine/Aswan (Source: Wikipedia)….

Episode 36: The White Chapel

Senuseret I (Part 3): Karnak. The reign of Senuseret I is notable for the swathe of construction projects initiated at the king’s command. For the first time since the Old Kingdom, monuments are being erected up and down the Nile Valley. Most noteworthy are the contributions at Karnak, where the legendary temple finds its genesis; Elephantine, where existing temples…