Episode 33: Revivals and Regencies


Amenemhat I (Part II): King and Son

Amenemhat is a man of innovation and change. Having secured his rule over the Two Lands, he establishes a new capital city: Itj-tawy Amenemhat, a.k.a. “Amenemhat seizes the Two Lands.” Talk about aggressive branding!

To complement his new city, he commissions a pyramid, the first built in Egypt for nearly two hundred years!

Then, to cap off a career of firsts, Amenemhat appoints his son, Senuseret I, as his co-ruler. This unprecedented position brings with it all the military and administrative power of a King (though perhaps not the spiritual authority). They will rule together, father and son, for nearly ten years!

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Senuseret I (Source: Altes Museum, Berlin, #1206, via Wikipedia).


The deceased soldiers of Montuhotep II’s reign (some debate on the timing). (Source: Brown University).


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