Episode 28: The King in the North

Montuhotep II (Part II): The Theban Court.

Montuhotep II, ruler of a newly united Egypt, must bring the noble families into line, and centralize power in his own hands. He must curb the power of provincial officials, and handle a vastly expanded domain and population.

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27. montuhotep

A colossal statue of the king from his Mortuary Temple at Deir el-Bahari (Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York).


From the tomb of the Vizier Dagi: two sons(?) (Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art).

OiTY62OEleventh Dynasty Tombs in the cliff above Deir el-Bahari; in the left background can be seen the great Temple of Hatshepsut from Dynasty XVIII (Source: Winlock, 1915).


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