Episode 26: The Fire Rises

First Intermediate Period (Part III): Khety versus Intef.

After years of intermittent conflict and sparring, the time has come for a final showdown between the competing royal families of the North and South. In one corner, the House of Khety holds the North, supported by their vassals at Asyut. In the other corner, the House of Intef flexes its muscle, gathers its resources, and tries to break the line.

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Egyptian soldiers attack a fortified town (top-right corner), from the tomb of Intef at Thebes (Source: Brown.edu).


A stela of Intef II from Thebes (Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York).


River fighting in the 11th Dynasty (Source: Brown University).


Nicolas Grimal, A History of Egypt, 1994.

Ian Shaw (editor), The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt, 2004.

William Kelly Simpson (editor), The Literature of Ancient Egypt, 2003.

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