Episode 26: The Fire Rises

Batman-VS-Bane-Wallpaper-HD-DekstopThe First Intermediate Period (Part III): Khety versus Intef

After years of intermittent conflict and sparring, the time has come for a final showdown between the competing royal families of the North and South. In one corner, the House of Khety stands strong in the North, supported by their vassals at Asyut – fierce fighters who hold the line for many years. In the other corner, the House of Intef flexes its muscle, gathers its resources, and tries to break the line.

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Egyptian soldiers attack a fortified town (top-right corner), from the tomb of Intef at Thebes (Source: Brown.edu).


A stela of Intef II from Thebes (Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York).


River fighting in the 11th Dynasty (Source: Brown University).


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