Episode 21: The Excited Child

pepi II pyramid temple_640

The Infant Ruler: Pepy II (Part I)

Ankh-enes-Pepy and her son, Pepy II. The child bears the insignia of kingship, revealing the commanding power of the Queen.
Ankh-enes-Pepy and her son, Pepy II (Source: Brooklyn MFA, via Wikipedia)

At just six-years old, the new King of Upper and Lower Egypt Pepy II cannot possibly exercise power on his own. Enter his mother, Ankh-enes-Pepy, who oversees the kingdom on his behalf.

Her imagery reveals her power, as the young king sits atop her lap, protected (and controlled?) by her hands.

In a short sojourn to the countryside, we meet Qar, a noble who handles agriculture and cattle-rearing in Upper Egypt.

Finally, the great royal expeditions continue. Harkhuf, a royal companion, is despatched to the Western Desert and to Nubia for trade. On his return, he brings a very special gift for the excited Pepy…

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Harkhuf, from his tomb (Source: Wikipedia)

Harkhuf, from his tomb (Source: Karen Green via Wikipedia)


The autobiography of Harkhuf, outside his tomb at Qubbet el-Hawa, Aswan/Elephantine (Source: Heidi Kontkanen, Flickr.com).

Cattle atop the Narmer Palette, and the rearing of cattle in domestic situations.

pepi II pyramid temple_640

The pyramid of Pepy II at Saqqara (Source: Egyptphoto.ncf.ca)


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National Geographic – Pyramid of Pepy II.

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