Episode 18: The Guards Themselves


Teti (Part II): The Murder of a King?

All is not well within the court. Although Teti has ensconced himself on the throne, conspiracies may have formed against him. The Greek Manetho (c.280 BCE) writes that Teti was murdered, the first king of whom such an account exists.

Was Teti really assassinated? Some Egyptologists think so. We go in search of an answer.

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Teti (Source: Saqqara.nl)
King Teti (Source: Saqqara.nl).

Metropolitan NY Nov-2005 0506

Kai-em-senu-wy, an Overseer of the Granaries in the government of King Teti (Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art, via ipernity & ancient-egypt.co.uk).


The tomb of Remni, in the Teti Cemetery, discovered 2003 by Macquarie University, Sydney (Source: Naguib Kanawati, Macquarie University).


Nicolas Grimal, A History of Egypt, 1994.

Naguib Kanawati, Conspiracies in the Egyptian Palace, 2011.

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