Episode 13: The Hairdressers Cometh


Niuserre and the Up-and-Comers

The new ruler Niuserre, son of Neferirkare, has taken the crown after the passing of his uncle Raneferef. And the times they are a-changing, with an interesting new class of non-blooded officials rising to the highest levels of administration.

By dint of their close friendship and service to the king two manicurists, Ny-ankh-Khnum (“The living one of Khnum”) and Khnum-hotep (“Khnum is satisfied”) rise high in the court. Their identity and relationship remains a matter of debate: are they twin brothers, or male lovers?

But these two are eclipsed by the political rise of Ptah-shepses I, who rises from hairdresser to Vizier – the highest administrative office in the land.

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Miroslav Verner, Abusir I: The Mastaba of Ptahshepses – Reliefs, 1979.