Niuserre (Part II): Hasty Burials, and Elite Culture Coming to the throne after the premature death of his brother, Niuserre Ini must rapidly complete his predecessor's burial. He must also complete the pyramid of their father, Neferirkare Kakai, and put his own pyramid into the works - a difficult task to handle all at once...  Direct [...]

Niuserre and the Up-and-Comers The new ruler Niuserre, son of Neferirkare, has taken the crown after the passing of his uncle Raneferef. And the times they are a-changing, with an interesting new class of non-blooded officials rising to the highest levels of administration. By dint of their close friendship and service to the king two manicurists, Ny-ankh-Khnum ("The [...]

Neferirkare and Khentykaus II The reign of Sahure draws to a close, and soon the throne passes to his mature son Neferirkare Kakai ("I make beautiful the soul of Re").  Direct Download (Save As mp3) The great wife of the king, Khenty-kaus II (right) wields enormous influence the royal household and the kingdom itself. Even represented wearing the uraeus [...]