Episode 11: Off To Punt We Go


Sahure and the Royal Fleet’s Great Expedition

Userkaf passes the throne to his son, Sahure (“One Who is Close to Re”). For the first time in recorded history, a royal fleet is dispatched from Egypt’s Red Sea ports to visit the land of Punt.

To commemorate the expedition, the king orders that his pyramid causeway be decorated in a lavish series of representations.

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Tarek el-Awady, Abusir XVI: Sahure – the Pyramid Causeway, 2009.

Gay Robins, The Art of Ancient Egypt, 2008.

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  1. Duamutef's top-dog, Derek says:

    Prior to this lesson, the name of Sahure equated to nothing more than palm🌴 capital Aswan red granite columns (they’re in his pyramid’s temple complex) in my mind, as I had no knowledge whatsoever of his rule or his deeds. Now, at least on a basic level, I know some info about him. No longer are these kings of old no more to me than just those monuments they had crafted for themselves; actual people who did actual things are coming into shape the more I listen this podcast (although their monuments are still pretty darn cool, hehe)🙂

    As for Punt, the only Pharaoh I could remember learning about going there was Hatshepsut, & the only reason I remembered about her travels there was because of the Queen of Punt, &, let’s face it, the Queen of Punt is quite an unforgettable figure!😆

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