Episode 7: He Appears Like Re

Khafre and the Second Giza Pyramid.

Around 2565 BCE, the great Khufu passes into legend; now the throne comes to a new generation. His son Djed-ef-Re takes power (for a short while), but the next truly notable ruler is Khafre (2560 – 2535 BCE). This ruler is notable for two things: the second Giza pyramid, and the amazing Sphinx…

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Khafre immortalized in solar theological imagery (Source: Wikipedia).


Khafre in granite, with the winged Horus protecting him (Source: Wikipedia).


An alabaster head of Khafre, discovered at Giza 1921 (Source: the Boston Museum of Fine Arts).


The burial chamber of Khafre at Giza.


The quarry north of Khafre’s pyramid, in which the limestone blocks are clearly visible in the early stages of preparation.


The solar barque of Khufu, housed in a museum south of his Great Pyramid (source: the author, 2013).



The cross-section of Khufu’s ship as it would have appeared in antiquity; note the tightly bound ropes lashing the beams together.


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  1. Duamutef's top-dog, Derek says:

    Funny how you mentioned Khafre’s Pyramid as often being misidentified as The Great Pyramid (of Khufu). It’s so true. Not just within amateur-created websites, but even on a couple major television history programs about Ancient Egypt that I’ve watched, I’ve actually seen some cases where the narrator will be mentioning The Great Pyramid of Khufu, but onscreen will be the image of that Tura limestone topped Pyramid of Khafre. 😦Whoopsie

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