Episode 7: He Appears Like Re


Khafre and the Second Giza Pyramid

The reign of Khufu comes to an end, and he is succeeded by his two sons: the short-lived Djedefre and the longer-lived Khafre (“He Appears like Re”). Khafre immortalizes himself in the second-largest pyramid ever constructed, and the legendary Sphinx.

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Khafre immortalized in solar theological imagery (Source: Wikipedia).


Khafre in granite, with the winged Horus protecting him (Source: Wikipedia).


An alabaster head of Khafre, discovered at Giza 1921 (Source: the Boston Museum of Fine Arts).MGe9wEi

The burial chamber of Khafre at Giza (Source: the author, 2013).

ivinzTFThe first European explorer to reach the burial chamber, Giovanni Belzoni, left his mark on the Second of March, 1818 (Source: the author, 2013).


The quarry north of Khafre’s pyramid, in which the limestone blocks are clearly visible in the early stages of preparation.


The solar barque of Khufu, housed in a museum south of his Great Pyramid (source: the author, 2013).


2HTFhuaThe cross-section of Khufu’s ship as it would have appeared in antiquity; note the tightly bound ropes lashing the beams together.


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