Powerful Women of the Fourth Dynasty The Fourth Dynasty is drawing to a close, as Menkaure passes without a universally recognized heir. The powerful Khenty-kaus I steps into the breach, placing her son Shepses-kaf on the throne. This is an excellent opportunity to review that more ephemeral group - the royal women. The Fourth Dynasty (and the oncoming Fifth) [...]

Menkaure and the Third Giza Pyramid The furious work at Giza continues, as Khafre's son Menkaure takes the throne. Opting for a smaller - but more exquisitely constructed - monument, the new king's reign heralds the more moderate phase of pyramid construction. The small size of this monument may reflect the strain being placed on the [...]

Khafre and the Second Giza Pyramid The reign of Khufu comes to an end, and he is succeeded by his two sons: the short-lived Djedefre and the longer-lived Khafre ("He Appears like Re"). Khafre immortalizes himself in the second-largest pyramid ever constructed, and the legendary Sphinx. Direct Download (Save As mp3) Khafre immortalized in solar theological imagery [...]