Mini Episode: Tales of Wonder

In a short break from the narrative, we explore three tales set in the reigns of Sneferu and Khufu (4th Dynasty, c.2480 BCE).

Music: Michael Levy,


Nicolas Grimal, A History of Ancient Egypt, 1994 (Amazon).

Gay Robins, The Art of Ancient Egypt, 2008 (Amazon).

John Romer, A History of Egypt: from the First Farmers to the Great Pyramid, 2013 (Amazon).

Toby Wilkinson, Writings from Ancient Egypt, 2015 (Amazon).


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Duamutef's top-dog, Derek says:

    In your reading of this tale, I found it a nice little editing touch in how you would pause the soothing background music🎶 whenever you were making a side note, or providing further topical insight, or giving us a personal thought on the matter, & then started it back up again when the storytelling resumed. It didn’t go unnoticed by me, as I found it to be quite funny, in a subtly charming way☺️.

    1. DominicPerry says:

      Hi Derek,

      Thanks for noticing! 🙂


  2. earheart says:

    Really happy I found this. Will be making my way through the history with glee 😍

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