Episode 6: The Ram-God Protects Him

Khufu and the Great Pyramid

By 2590 BCE, the Fourth Dynasty is in full swing. Sneferu’s son, Khnum-Khufu now comes to power; like his father, he decides to surpass his predecessor as best as possible.

Khufu reigns approx. 24 years, and in that time Egypt’s most famous monument takes shape… We delve into the planning, organization and working environment of this enormous construction project.

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The only surviving image of Khufu (source: the Cairo Museum; Wikipedia).


The carrying-chair of Queen Hetep-heres, mother of Khufu (Source: Cairo Museum).


The Pyramid field at Giza, where mastaba-tombs of officials stretch west of the three great pyramids.


The mastabas west of Khufu’s pyramid.


The Great Pyramid itself.

CR6327-d1 (1)

A knife inscribed for Khufu, discovered at Giza in the Valley Temple of Menkaure (Source: the Boston Museum of Fine Arts).


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