Episode 5: He Who Makes Beautiful Things

The Great King Sneferu

By 2610 BCE, a new Dynasty (the Fourth) is in power. We now enter into an era with more documentation and trustworthy sources. Much of these sources come from the reign of Sneferu, aka “The One Who Makes Beautiful Things.”

To surpass the achievements of Djoser (eps. 3-4), Sneferu changes and elaborates on the grand Step Pyramid. In the process, he winds up creating the first “True Pyramid,” like the ones we know today. Along the way, though, there were a couple of…false starts.

Other events: the Egyptians begin to trade with Syria-Palestine, and raid Nubia and Libya.

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The Meidum Pyramid, often attributed to Huni – but possibly Sneferu.


The Bent Pyramid, plus me (2008).


The Bent Pyramid (left) and the Red Pyramid (right): Sneferu’s great achievements and contribution to Egyptian monumental history.


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