Episode 5: He Who Makes Beautiful Things


The Great King Sneferu – Dynasty 4 Begins

A new dynasty has begun, and recorded history begins to take shape as documentary evidence and images proliferate. The new king, Sneferu (“One Who Causes Beautiful Things”) has grand plans for his funerary monument.

To surpass the achievements of Netjery-khet Djoser, Sneferu commissions a new type of pyramid – a True Pyramid – that will be a sloping monument of eternity. This new tomb takes a couple of false starts, including the Meidum pyramid and the magnificent Bent Pyramid (above).

Egyptians begin to trade with Syria-Palestine, and wage raiding campaigns into Nubia and Libya.

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The Meidum Pyramid, often attributed to Huni – its original genesis remains unclear. (Source: the author, 2008)6a017d3e534403970c017ee9a28134970dThe Bent Pyramid (left). The Red Pyramid (right), Sneferu’s great achievement and contribution to Egyptian monumental history.


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