Episode 4: The Two Lands Are My Palace


Djoser, Imhotep and the Island of Elephantine

The Step Pyramid of Saqqara is completed, and Netjery-khet Djoser’s reign soon comes to an end, to be succeeded by Sekhem-khet. Imhotep, surviving into this reign, now begins a new step pyramid, intended to be even larger.

The throne soon passes to Huni, last of the Third Dynasty, who organises a series of small step pyramids as cenotaphs at various sites up and down the Nile, including Abydos and the island of Elephantine.

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A statue head often attributed to Huni (Source: Brooklyn Museum)


The ceremonial pyramid of Huni at Abydos (Source: the University of Chicago’s Tell-Edfu project; Live Science).


Notable sites of the Third Dynasty.


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