Episode 1: Infinite Waters

The Creation of the Universe and the First Egyptians

In the unfathomable depths of time, the god Atum created the Universe. His children became the air (Shu), the water (Tefnut), the sky (Nut) and the land (Geb). His descendants became storms, mothers, kings and death. Through their combined powers, the natural world as we know it came to be.

Long before history “began,” hunters and gatherers travelled throughout Egypt in their seasonal hunting and foraging patterns. From 18,000 to 5,000 BCE these groups moved, lived, fought and died across the pre-historic expanse of Egypt.

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An ancient lithic (stone) arrowhead. Made my chipping flakes off flint to create a usable tool. From the Faiyum Oasis c.7000-4500 BCE (Source: the Metropolitan Museum of Art).

A bead and an ax discovered in the Faiyum (Source: University College London).


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