In a short break from the narrative, we explore three tales set in the reigns of Sneferu and Khufu (4th Dynasty, c.2480 BCE). Direct Download (Save As mp3) Music: Michael Levy, Bibliography Nicolas Grimal, A History of Ancient Egypt, 1994 (Amazon). Gay Robins, The Art of Ancient Egypt, 2008 (Amazon). John Romer, A History of Egypt: from [...]

Khufu and the Great Pyramid By 2590 BCE, the Fourth Dynasty is in full swing. Sneferu's son, Khnum-Khufu now comes to power; like his father, he decides to surpass his predecessor as best as possible. Khufu reigns approx. 24 years, and in that time Egypt's most famous monument takes shape... We delve into the planning, [...]

Eternal Lovers: Rahotep and Nofret Around 2590 BCE the Prince Rahotep was appointed to one of the best jobs ever: quality-controller of beer production. To celebrate, we crack open a cold one and explore the brewing business in Old Kingdom Egypt. Rahotep was commemorated in a magnificent statue, where he sits with his wife Nofret. [...]

The Great King Sneferu By 2610 BCE, a new Dynasty (the Fourth) is in power. We now enter into an era with more documentation and trustworthy sources. Much of these sources come from the reign of Sneferu, aka "The One Who Makes Beautiful Things." To surpass the achievements of Djoser (eps. 3-4), Sneferu changes and [...]