The Giza Project of Khufu The Fourth Dynasty is now in full swing, with its second king - Khnum-Khufu ("Khnum Protects Him") - now on the throne. Following in the footsteps of his father Sneferu, Khufu commissions a True Pyramid. To outdo his father, however, he plans one on a scale never equalled before or since. [...]

The Great King Sneferu - Dynasty 4 Begins A new dynasty has begun, and recorded history begins to take shape as documentary evidence and images proliferate. The new king, Sneferu ("One Who Causes Beautiful Things") has grand plans for his funerary monument. To surpass the achievements of Netjery-khet Djoser, Sneferu commissions a new type of pyramid [...]

Djoser, Imhotep and the Island of Elephantine The Step Pyramid of Saqqara is completed, and Netjery-khet Djoser's reign soon comes to an end, to be succeeded by Sekhem-khet. Imhotep, surviving into this reign, now begins a new step pyramid, intended to be even larger. The throne soon passes to Huni, last of the Third Dynasty, who organises a [...]

The Reign and Monuments of Netjery-khet Djoser The Third Dynasty has begun, with one of Egypt's most famous kings: Netjery-khet Djoser. Seeking to surpass his predecessors and establish a truly eternal resting place, the king commissions his architect Imhotep (Iy-m-htp "He who comes in peace"), an enduring name thanks to history and The Mummy (1999). Imhotep plans a new monument, one [...]

The tomb complex of Kha-sekhem-wy, at Abydos. NOTE: As we re-write and re-release these early episodes, there may occasionally be some narrative inconsistencies. Check back for updated episodes that'll bridge the gaps. Part I Direct download (Save As Mp3) The first Dynasty (ruling family) has been established. We now enter the period known as the Early Dynastic, in which [...]

The Creation of the Universe and the First Egyptians In the unfathomable depths of time, the god Atum created the Universe. His children became the air (Shu), the water (Tefnut), the sky (Nut) and the land (Geb). His descendants became storms, mothers, kings and death. Through their combined powers, the natural world as we know [...]

Welcome to the History of Egypt Podcast, in which we traverse the legendary history of the Nile Valley. Beginning in the mythological moments of Creation, through the dawn and history of the Pharaonic civilization, right up to the Roman Conquest in 29 BCE. 3,000+ years in history, in regular episodes, by a trained Egyptologist. Well [...]