Episode 4: The Sacred Ones

The Life and Immortality of Netjerykhet Djoser

Around 2680 BCE, King Netjerykhet Djoser came to the throne, and Egypt would change forever. Over the next thirty years, an enormous monument would rise near the capital city. Six layers, thousands of tons of stone, and a vast mortuary complex make the Step Pyramid the oldest pyramid in the world. It is a magnificent space…

04. Djoser 02

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The step pyramid complex today.

04. Djoser (1)

A statue base of Djoser (left) with reconstruction (right).

04. Djoser (3)

Internal decoration of the South Tomb at the Saqqara pyramid complex.

04. Heliopolis

Decoration of a shrine built at Heliopolis under Djoser’s reign.


Imhotep (left), and “Imhotep” (right).


Netjery-khet Djoser (Source: the Cairo Museum).



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