Episode 2: Horus Takes Flight

The Nascent Kingdom.

The Kingdom of Egypt has been established: now we can explore its first historical phase. The First Dynasty rulers (Aha, Djer, Wadjet, Merneith, Den and more) were accomplished rulers. They left impressive remains…

  • Time period: circa 3000-2900 BCE
  • Kings: Aha, Djer, Wadjet, Mer-Neith, Den.
  • Notable sites: Abdju (Abydos), Nekhen (Hierakonpolis), Saqqara (necropolis of Memphis).
  • Gods: Horus, Neith

02. Horus Logo

podcast episode 2 potter nekhen (4)

The reconstructed house of a potter at Nekhen (Hierakonpolis), c.3200 BCE.


A seal listing the first rulers of the Kingdom. Left to right: Narmer, AhaDjer, Wadjet, Den and Merneith.

d1-djer - copy
A bracelet possibly belonging to King Djer, found in his tomb at Abydos along with a skeletal arm (now lost). Dominic Perry, 2019.
d1-djet-comb - copy
A comb belonging to Den (Dominic Perry, 2019).
Ivory labels from jars that once contained oil – Dynasty 1 (Dominic Perry, 2019).
d1-qaa-bowl (1)
A stone bowl inscribed with names of the early kings; reign of Qa’a – end of Dynasty 1 (Dominic Perry, 2019).


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