The Life and Immortality of Netjerykhet Djoser Around 2680 BCE, King Netjerykhet Djoser came to the throne, and Egypt would change forever. Over the next thirty years, an enormous monument would rise near the capital city. Six layers, thousands of tons of stone, and a vast mortuary complex make the Step Pyramid the oldest pyramid in the [...]

Second Dynasty, Warring Gods. The second phase of royal history, Dynasty 2, is more mysterious than the first. From 2850 - 2700 BCE, a shadow fell across the land: economic and climate disruption, rebellions and even civil war. In the midst of disorder, a legend tells of two gods who fought for the throne and soul [...]

The Nascent Kingdom. The Kingdom of Egypt has been established: now we can explore its first historical phase. The First Dynasty rulers (Aha, Djer, Wadjet, Merneith, Den and more) were accomplished rulers. They left impressive remains... Direct Download (Save As mp3) The reconstructed house of a potter at Nekhen (Hierakonpolis), c.3200 BCE. A seal listing the [...]

Narmer and the Birth of Egypt's Kingdom. Around 3000 BCE, a King rose to power in the Nile Valley. His name was Nar-mer, and he may be the first king of Egypt... In this episode, we meet the first ruler of the land, get a sense of Egypt and its people, and introduce the podcast as [...]