Djoser, Imhotep and the Island of Elephantine The Step Pyramid of Saqqara is completed, and Netjery-khet Djoser's reign soon comes to an end, to be succeeded by Sekhem-khet. Imhotep, surviving into this reign, now begins a new step pyramid, intended to be even larger. The throne soon passes to Huni, last of the Third Dynasty, who organises a [...]

The Reign and Monuments of Netjery-khet Djoser. The Third Dynasty has begun, with one of Egypt's most famous kings: Netjery-khet Djoser. Seeking to surpass his predecessors and establish a truly eternal resting place, the king commissions his architect Imhotep (Iy-m-htp "He who comes in peace"), an enduring name thanks to history and The Mummy (1999). Imhotep plans a new monument, one [...]

The Nascent Kingdom. The Kingdom of Egypt has been established: now we enter a new era. Unfortunately, only fragmentary remains of this period survive today. So, let's explore... Direct Download (Save As mp3) A large statue of Kha-sekhem-wy (Source: Ashmolean Museum, Oxford) The respective serekhs (royal names, enclosed in a palace) of Peribsen (left) and Khasekhemwy (right). The [...]

The Creation of the Universe and the First Egyptians The great god Atum created the universe; his children created the Earth. Then, after countless years, humans began to settle the Nile Valley... Direct Download (Save As mp3) The Creator god Atum (sometimes Atum-Re/Atum-Ra) An ancient lithic (stone) arrowhead. Made my chipping flakes off flint to create [...]