Amunhotep III (Part One): Birth, Youth and Ascent to Power. Amunhotep III, Neb-ma'at-Re, came to power in 1400 BCE. At the age of just 12, he had already spent years being groomed for power. Even his birth was the subject of elaborate myths. In this episode, we explore the divine conception and the upbringing of [...]

The Egyptian Religious Year (Part 12/12) The year ended on a down-note, for the Egyptians. Thanks to a string of "unlucky" days, the ancients experienced a time of uncertainty and disorder in their lives. Part of this was due to the fact that the end of the year was co-opted entirely by Sakhmet, Lady of [...]

Nebi and the Guardians of the Sinai In 1414 BCE, a man named Nebi led a convoy of soldiers and convicts out into desert wastes of the Sinai Peninsula. They went in search of copper; along the way, they revealed new stories from middle- and lower-class Egypt. We explore. Direct Download (Save As mp3) One [...]

The Queen of Egypt Tiaa, and her home in the Faiyum From 1450 to 1411 BCE, Tiaa was a noteworthy figure in the realm. Before she became Queen Mother to Thutmose IV, Tiaa lived at the Faiyum Oasis. Specifically, she spent her days in the harem palace, a mysterious institution about which little is known... [...]

The Ancient Egyptian Day of the Dead (The Religious Year, Part 10/11) In months 10 and 11, the Egyptians celebrated some essential festivals to honour the past and prepare for the future. With the harvest now underway, and the flood on the horizon, the Egyptians first celebrated the memory of their ancestors, and then made [...]

The reign of Thutmose its entirety From 1418 to 1400 BCE, Men-kheperu-Re Thutmose IV ruled Egypt with capable mind and mighty arms. His reign saw some fascinating events pop up, including new mining expeditions in the Sinai (led by his wife, of all people) and a campaign against bedouin down in the gold country [...]

Men-kheperu-Re Thutmose IV (Part One) Around 1418 BCE, the new pharaoh of Egypt secures his power: he takes reprisals against those who opposed him, further rewards the god who helped him, and then sets of to make war in the lands which serve him. The first two years are capped with a magnificent achievement: a [...]

A Contest for the Throne 1418 BCE. After the death of Amunhotep II, Egypt was temporarily lacking a King. Now, his two most prominent sons went head to head, in a dispute over who would rule the kingdom. Who would win? Only the Sphinx knew... Direct Download (Save As mp3) The Great Sphinx of Khafre: [...]

The Construction and Discovery of a Great Monument Around 1440 BCE, Egyptians were carving the burial monument of Amunhotep II in the Valley of the Kings. In 1898 CE, a group of excavators were uncovering the edifice once more. In a dual narrative, we explore the design, construction and discovery of a most remarkable tomb… [...]